Pickled Chillies

I’ve tried a first this year – pickled chillies!

Now, I’m not a big spicy eater, but my partner does enjoy his chillies and he loves pickles, so I thought, why not try the two together?!

Sadly, being in a small, one-bedroomed flat, I don’t have the room to grow chillies, so I had to make do with buying mine – have to say, I was disappointed not to be able to find any yellow ones, as I’m sure a tricolour effect would have looked lovely.

I started by washing the chillies thoroughly, before pricking them with a needle and packing them into a large, sterilised jar and pouring in a mix of white vinegar and water to make sure I wasn’t using more than needed. Then, pour the vinegar into a saucepan and heat up with pickling spices and some sugar, just to take the edge off the vinegar. You can see the recipe that I followed here.

Let the vinegar come to just about boiling and carefully pour over the chillies in the jar so they are covered. The wholes you pricked earlier will allow the vinegar to penetrate and pickle the whole chilli. Put the lid on and forget about them for a few days.

I was advised to give mine a quick look over after a few days to make sure the vinegar didn’t need topping up where the chillies absorb it. Mine did, so I pickled a little bit more vinegar and topped up the jar so the chillies were again covered.

Now, my partner hasn’t tried them yet, so I can’t say if they’re a success of not. But even if not, at least I can say they look pretty!20170808_132512

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