Chicken With Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Spinach

It was another chicken dinner tonight, which must mean we’re back on a healthy eating attempt in our house.

In fairness, we do eat a lot of chicken generally, but the other half does love his pork. Whilst I like chicken, I prefer thighs, whereas him indoors isn’t really into the dark meat of poultry, saying it’s too strong a flavour for him, so we usually have breast – which can get very boring!

Tonight, was another case of making it up as I went along.

I took a small red onion a diced it up finely and fried it in olive oil along with a finely chopped garlic clove (we’re going out tonight, so we couldn’t go too heavy on that!) Once they had softened, I added two diced chicken breasts and let them start to get a colour on them before throwing in plenty of sliced mushrooms.

Once the chicken was well on its way to cooking, I added a small tub of full fat crème fraiche and let that melt down, along with a chicken stock pot (I use supermarket own brand), of course, if you have your own homemade, then go for it, but not having roast chicken too often means I don’t have that luxury – one day I will!!

As we still have plenty of homegrown tomatoes left, I was very generous with adding the cherry tomatoes that we have.

Add plenty of freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of dried basil. Personally, I don’t like adding salt to my cooking, but that’s a personal taste and my attempt to reduce the other half’s intake of salt.

Whilst all this has been going on, I was cooking up enough pasta for the two of us – penne is our shape of choice, but of course, any would do. Drain the pasta and add it to the chicken and sauce and give it a good mix.

Once the pasta is nicely coated, add a few generous handfuls of spinach and let that wilt into the mix – it should only take a few seconds.

Plate up and scatter some roughly torn fresh basil leaves to serve.

It went down very well, with two thumbs up from Himself!



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