Trying Giant Knitting

With Christmas drawing ever closer, I’m trying to up my preparations for the big day. For the past few days, I have been frantically trying to find some super chunky yarn to make a blanket for my mother-in-law for an affordable price – I was shocked at the cost online! Luckily, I found some in a warehouse-style shop in my town for just £4.99/ball. I bought ten to be safe, so still not the cheapest blanket out there, but certainly more affordable than the £20/ball I was seeing elsewhere.


I chose a pale blue colour and set out to find a tutorial on YouTube to instruct me as to what to do. I was intending to do the whole arm knitting thing, but I found another tutorial, which allowed me to use the floor and be free to get up should the doorbell or the phone go (or if I just fancies a cup of tea!).

I have to say, I was shocked at just how simple it was to do. It still took me a good few hours, but that was still much quicker than if I had tried with knitting needles – something I haven’t done in years!


I think the finished product is really nice and it feels very warm and cosy. Slightly miffed I’m giving it away to be completely honest, but that was the purpose of making it.

The only tricky spot I had, was blending two balls of wool together. Where it’s so thick, you can’t really knot it, so I looked up suggestions on YouTube and had a go at a method where you undo part of the wool and put the two lengths back together as one. It sort of worked, but not quite as well as I would have hoped, so if I do this again, I think I will invest in a felter to really join them in together properly.

But, overall, I really enjoy doing this and really hope my mother-in-law likes it!



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