More Cheese Gromit?

With our wedding now fast approaching, I can only apologise for not writing more on here. I have been totally swamped with work and wedding prep, that I have had little time for anything else. The wedding is now just over 6 weeks away and I have my second dress fitting today.

On the dragon front, I have now crocheted 35 of the little darlings, which will act as favours and table settings. I still have 16 to go, plus table centres, a seating plan, place names and table names.


However, we did manage to squeeze in a flying visit to Bristol for their Gromit Unleashed 2 trail over the August Bank Holiday. It was such a welcome, albeit brief, break. We headed up on the Saturday afternoon after I had finished work – crocheting accompanied me throughout the journey! We started off in the Clifton village area of the city, where we found our first character – Feathers – on the Clifton Suspension Bridge.



It was a lovely afternoon and I soon spotted a Gromit a short way away, before finding my first Wallace of the hunt. After a very welcome ice cream, it was off to find our AirB&B for the weekend. We had a great setting in the centre of the city and it would have been perfect, had it not been for the drum and bass firing through our window from a nearby pub from 5pm through until 6am the next day.

We found some more figures when we went out for dinner in the evening and we even found a bar with the Bubble Bobble arcade game, which took me right back to my childhood 😊

The next day, we woke to an absolute deluge outside our window, thankfully no longer accompanied by endless drum and bass. Undeterred, we sported our fetching waterproof jackets and headed out to find breakfast. On the way, we found a couple more statues to pose with too.

As the day went on, we got wetting than I ever thought humanly possible. We were so wet, even our waterproof coats gave up on us! I could ring mine out!! The sheer craziness of what we were doing just added to the fun of it all and we really couldn’t care less about the rain. Staff at one hotel, which was housing a minion Feathers, was kind enough to offer us a towel each and I tried to pull off a few moves to get my legs into a hand dryer – unsuccessfully!

The hunt continued, in museums, on the docks, in shops! We went everywhere and by the end of the day, we concluded we had no choice – new clothes had to be bought, as we hadn’t bought a change with us.

After a poor night’s sleep thanks to our friendly pub again, blasting out its favourite sound until 5am, we were up and out early on Bank Holiday Monday. First, breakfast, then time to check off a few statues we had missed the previous day, before jumping in the car to find a few on the outskirts of the city. Our search finished at the mall, where my lovely fiancé bought me a mini-Gromit figurine for my birthday – not until November, so I need to forget about it until then!

It was a brilliant day and a bit away and a big pat on the back to the organisers of the trail, which was raising money for Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. I believe the statues will be auctioned off in the coming weeks to raise more money and I have to say, I would love to own one of the Gromits!

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