Aside from cooking and crafting, one of my favourite hobbies is photography. Now, I don’t proclaim to be an expert, I tend to point and press and hope for the best! I have a nice camera and long for a really big lens to go with it!

Photography isn’t something I spend enough time doing in my opinion. I just find it relaxing. I prefer animals, landscapes and ‘things’ over people, as they don’t tend to moan if you make their nose look too big!

Recently I have been indulging in this pastime a bit though.

One of the parks near where I live, is quite well known in the town for having a breeding pair of swans and every year, people watch and wait for the latest generation of cygnets to be born. This year, we were treated to eight of the little balls of fluff.

I was also lucky enough to witness the DAKS Over Normandy Fly Over, as they made their way from Duxford to Normandy, retracing the flight they made 75-years-ago for D-Day. My husband and I waited for 4 hours at Beachy Head for them, after their take-off was delayed. It was freezing cold up there, but well worth the wait.

This past weekend was pure bliss though. We were in Spalding, Lincolnshire, where this is a lovely little place called the Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre. It’s definitely worth a visit. We watched the falconry show and I spent a good few hours just taking photos of these amazing birds.



Easter Weekend Getaway

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break – we certainly had a really good time. With all the wedding preparations and dieting, I’m not really coming up with anything thrilling to eat – maybe tonight though, who knows!? All of my spare time is filled up making the dragons ready for the wedding, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

As we both had the full four days off over Easter, we thought it would be nice to get away and at the last minute, we booked a lovely place to stay in Chester through AirB&B. It was right by the city centre, where we could enjoy a walk on the city walls, the river and take in the many quirky pubs. However, our main purpose, was to visit the zoo, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We’ve used AirB&B a few times now and we’ve never had any problems.

We arrived on the Friday evening and spent the evening in town and then on Saturday, we went to Chester Zoo, before going for a walk on the city walls. I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many herons in one place. I counted 12 in the river near the walls at one point!


Chester is a truly beautiful city and I was really taken by it.

As for Chester Zoo, I really enjoyed it there too. The animals all seem to be really well cared for any many, if not all, are part of breeding programme to ensure the survival of species. It was lovely to see so many babies, including elephants and rhinos.


The butterfly house was one of my favourite places, as I’ve not been to one since I was little.


But my overall favourite, has to be the orangutans. I just love those orange guys and girls. And this family unit had several youngsters, which are just so cute.


I would thoroughly recommend going to Chester Zoo for a day out as well as visiting Chester. The rest of the weekend, we spent visiting friends and family. I’m only sorry the weekend came to an end and it’s back to the real world again.