Adorable Bee Cookie Cutter

It’s always dangerous leaving me alone in the kitchen section of any shop. The other day, whilst waiting for a friend to join me for coffee, I stumbled across the cutest little – or no so little – cookie cutter. In recent months, I seem to have developed a bit of a love for bees.


This lovely beehive with bees cutter is available in Sainsbury’s – I’ve found it online here – and was just too sweet not to pick up. I have to admit, I haven’t yet used it, but I’m longing to do so. I’m guessing that all the little bees and pieces of hive will become individual cookies. Owing to the different sizes, there could be, shall we say, ‘heated discussions’ as to who gets which bits!

I also found this other beehive option online, which doesn’t have the bees, but is still lovely.