Beer Gummy Bears

I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets and gizmos, so when I spotted gummy bear moulds for just £1 on, I couldn’t resist. My parcel arrived with a tray to make the bears and a pipette to fill it with. Now, all I needed was the jelly to fill it with.


My husband and his two grown sons are big fans of Belgium beer, so I thought it might be fun to have a go at some beer gummy bears. On my travels around Pinterest, I found this recipe, which requires just beer, sugar and powdered gelatin – I found one sachet is just over a tablespoon, so I used three sachets when making mine.

I measured out a cup of beer the best I could with the head frothing up and added it to a pan with the sugar and stirred on a low heat until the sugar dissolved, before adding the gelatin and mixing until that too had dissolved.


Then, using the pipette, I filled the teddy moulds, making sure each teddy was filled to the top, gently popping any air bubbles. I found I had way too much liquid, so ended up filling anything I could find. But the recipe I followed does say you need three teddy bear mould trays.

I popped everything in the fridge for a few hours until set and then turned them out. There was a mixed response from the boys – my husband liked them, but his two sons, not so much. I thought they reminded me of the pint pot sweets I used to get as a child, but with more alcohol in them! In all seriousness, these do hold a lot of their alcohol content, so that’s worth keeping in mind if you’re driving.

I plan to try other concoctions now including gin and tonic and prosecco, so hopefully they’ll work too.


Have You Tried A Giant Jelly Baby??

I was recently given a giant jelly baby by a friend and last night, I attempted to eat him. I have long had an eye on these things, wondering what they’re like – I’m just a big kid at heart – so I was really excited to get one.

But there was one major question – HOW do you eat them?? Would it be a case of just picking him up and biting, or would a knife be required? I can tell you, no knife was getting through that baby and as I reached for the kitchen scissors, I quietly muttered ‘sorry’ as I cut through his leg.

I was shocked by the texture. Expecting a literal giant jelly baby, he – should I be referring to it as a he?! – was more like a giant block of gelatine, the kind you buy to make a jelly! And the flavour was pretty much the same too, so you don’t want to be over indulging in one sitting.

Good fun and I shall look forward to many more sugar rushes from him!


I’m not sure this picture shows just how big this guy is – he’s bigger than a dinner plate!

You can get your own Giant Jelly Belly here