Aside from cooking and crafting, one of my favourite hobbies is photography. Now, I don’t proclaim to be an expert, I tend to point and press and hope for the best! I have a nice camera and long for a really big lens to go with it!

Photography isn’t something I spend enough time doing in my opinion. I just find it relaxing. I prefer animals, landscapes and ‘things’ over people, as they don’t tend to moan if you make their nose look too big!

Recently I have been indulging in this pastime a bit though.

One of the parks near where I live, is quite well known in the town for having a breeding pair of swans and every year, people watch and wait for the latest generation of cygnets to be born. This year, we were treated to eight of the little balls of fluff.

I was also lucky enough to witness the DAKS Over Normandy Fly Over, as they made their way from Duxford to Normandy, retracing the flight they made 75-years-ago for D-Day. My husband and I waited for 4 hours at Beachy Head for them, after their take-off was delayed. It was freezing cold up there, but well worth the wait.

This past weekend was pure bliss though. We were in Spalding, Lincolnshire, where this is a lovely little place called the Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre. It’s definitely worth a visit. We watched the falconry show and I spent a good few hours just taking photos of these amazing birds.



Baby Bird Rescue

This is neither about food nor crafts, but I felt I wanted to share this.

This morning, I was woken by the sound of very upset birds and when I looked out of the window, I saw a family of starlings, chasing off a crow. The other day, I was unfortunate enough to see nature at its , when the crow few off with a tiny nestling, again causing the parents to be frantic.

This time, the crow wasn’t so lucky. Whatever the parents had done, it was enough to make it drop the chick. I saw the poor little thing, laying motionless on the ground, save for its rapid breathing. The nest is on the top floor of the building, with no way to reach it without a cherry picker, so I couldn’t return it to its nest. Nor could I leave it to the crow or the cats. So, I picked it up and dashed it inside. His wing didn’t look too good and he gripped to my finger with his little foot. Now, I’m assuming it was a boy, it may well have been a girl.

I popped him into a shoe box, lined with kitchen paper to keep him warm. Within a few minutes, his wing was back in its proper place and he looked a lot brighter. I called East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) to ask for their help, knowing they take in little birds like this one.

Whilst waiting, I kept a close watch on the little chick, who on occasion, would flap his wings and jump about in the box. He kept snuggling himself into the tissue to keep warm and cosy, but always looked intrigued when I peeked in on him.

When Chris from WRAS arrived, he took a look and agreed that the baby was too young to be able to fly and took him back to their casualty centre to give him the care he needs to hopefully reach maturity. If he does, it’s likely he’ll be released back here, so I may get to see him again.

baby bird